Sorry, if you expected a stamp-collection of Logos here, then you are mistaken about us – We treat our clients with upmost confidentiality as the strategic projects we undertake are really global disrupters, and after all you wouldn’t want your companies “Magic Sauce” that we helped co-create to be advertised here.

To Whet your appetite, – this anonymous testimonial:

“Ashley and the team at Creative Digital Engineers, are experts at disruptive innovation in the Pharma industry; they have an excellent understanding of the pharma industry organisation, great technical capability and a truly agile mindset.

While other vendors would still be talking about it and explaining how agile and innovative they are, CDE would actually be doing it and quietly come back with a real MVP rather than a slide deck.

An absolute pleasure to work with, they are our secret sauce that lets us delight our corporate customers with real answers to real problems in a start up time scale!”

– Global Pharma CTO