About Us

CREATIVE DIGITAL ENGINEERS Ltd. is an avant-garde “LeanStartup” technology boutique, that deliveries services across regulated & non-regulated business areas. We deliver business services in all shapes and sizes, from FTSE100, Fortune 500 to Start-up, NGOs and Not-for-Profits.

Our “Digi-ngeers” also create a proprietary regulated digital products that are commercialised direct to the public via B2C & B2B models. These commercialisation models are based on the new digital economy and are predominately aimed at the global emerging and growth markets.

CDE prides itself on being technology & vendor agnostic, and has demonstrable and pragmatic award-winning skills in business transformations, involving disruptive technologies such as AR, VR, AI, ML, RPA, etc.

CREATIVE DIGITAL ENGINEERS Ltd. & our “Digi-ngeers” simply debunk the current technology over-hype and instead co-creates with such foundational technologies aligned with the global megatrends for a different desired & future business state.