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CREATIVE DIGITAL ENGINEERS Ltd. is an avant-garde “LeanStartup” technology boutique, that deliveries services across regulated & non-regulated business areas. We deliver business services in all shapes and sizes, from FTSE100, Fortune 500 to Start-up, NGOs and Not-for-Profits.

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Cyber Essentials Certified

Manufacturing and Assembly of Assets (MAA)

For Mobile (phone and tablet), Desktop and Cloud platforms, with native programming languages and 3rd party software toolkits.

Cloud Migration and Configuration (CMC)

Supported platforms & services – Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

Replacement Decommission and Data Retention (RDD)

Typically, CRM, ERP and ITSM including their mobile and cloud functional representations.

Social media profile/campaign Creation and Management (SCM)

Supported platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Line and Viber.

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„Smart Board“ is SaaS providing smart way to record your great ideas. Our product creates original boards, keeps live interactions during creation process, quickly pointing at main trends and ideas on the board. The product provides groupings of ideas and summary reports for each board in tabular and grapghical form.
We can co-create and commercialise it together!

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„Optin CDE“ is a web application providing informed consent forms. Our product creates original forms and stores their answers in PDF format. The product provides summary reports of the answers to each form in tabular form. The product stores handwritten signatures as part of the form responses. It is available in English and can be customized for all languages listed in the ISO 639 standard.

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Our next best digilal product?
We can co-create and monetize it together!

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Mission & Values

CREATE transformational digital products & services that matter to people

DELIVER value to our customers and investors

EXPAND the love of our digital products & services to the world

EMBODY the TechForGood.org Ethos

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